Designed for Interpreters by Interpreters

SmarTerp Features

SmarTerp streamlines the interpreting process for Interpreters and Event Organisers

HIGH sound quality

We aim to assure the best end-to-end sound quality for both interpreters and audience


After completion, the SmarTerp RSI solution will be ISO compliant to ensure a high quality experience


Thanks to its built-in AI solution, SmarTerp assists the interpreters with real-time recognition and prompting of the most difficult parts of the speech

empowered communication

Direct booth and team communication channels alleviate the isolation of the interpreter

accessible DESIGN

Its universal accessible design makes all the SmarTerp interfaces promote inclusiveness

sign Language interpreting

The solution is enabled for Sign Language Interpreting 

Project Roadmap in 2021

In 2020 we began co-designing the solution with our end users. This is the SmarTerp development and piloting roadmap for the year 2021.

Q1 2021

  • January/March
  • GING-UPM develops the RSI solution

  • OEG-UPM and FBK develop the AI solution

Q2 2021

  • April/May
  • GING, OEG, FBK integration of components

  • June
    SmarTerp Prototype #1

Q3 2021

    • July

Early Testing of SmarTerp Prototype #1

    • September
    • SmarTerp Prototype #2

Q4 2021

  • October/November
  • UniBO and Optiva Media pilots

    • December
    • Commercial Launch of SmarTerp

Language Agnostic AI Solution

The SmarTerp AI solution is language-agnostic, but this is the roadmap for the training of acoustic and language models:


🇬🇧   English

🇪🇸   Spanish

🇮🇹  Italian

🇫🇷   French

German: 2026
Other EU Languages: 2022-26
Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic: 2023-26

Other Languages: from 2026

German: 2022

Other EU Languages: 2022-26

Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic: 2023-26

Other Languages: from 2026

SmarTerp is open to scientific, academic and professional collaboration


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Parque Científico de Madrid /
University Science Park - UAM
C/ Faraday, 7
28049 Madrid - Spain

The SmarTerp project has been jointly prepared, promoted and supported by:

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