Remote Simultaneous Interpreting powered by Artificial Intelligence

A hybrid interpretation system that brings machines and humans together for a smarter interpreting


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How does SmarTerp work?

SmarTerp integrates machine assistance within the human interpreting workflow and offers an AI-powered Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) solution that helps interpreters cope with the demanding activity of simultaneous interpretation while tailoring the service to the terminology needs of the customer.


The soft-console in the SmarTerp interpreter-centered interface runs on any ordinary IT device.


SmarTerp provides AI-powered live assistance to interpreters prompting them with real-time information for the most difficult parts of the speech.

Saving costs for Customers 

SmarTerp brings to the table a considerable competitive advantage through technological innovations allowed by economies of scale enabling competition on global markets

More opportunities for Interpreters

The cost savings generated by the SmarTerp RSI solution open new work opportunities for Interpreters.

More Streamlined Meetings

The SmarTerp AI-powered assistance to interpreters leads to more efficient meetings and increased customer satisfaction.


The SmarTerp project is open to scientific, academic and professional collaboration, it is already a test bed for a PhD Dissertation, a Master’s Research Project and one additional Master in Conference Interpreting testing, and other collaborations are in the pipeline such as pilot tests with associations (medical conference interpreting, sign language interpreting), institutions and other universities.

There are other projects in the pipeline, such as the designing and development of SmarTerp Educational to help train the next generation of conference interpreters. If you are interested in collaborating drop us a line!

SmarTerp is open to scientific, academic and professional collaboration


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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